Product Updates

Product updates - May 2024

Learn about the developments that took place in May on our platform!

Product updates - May 2024

PEP checks with Seyna AML

From now on, in addition to existing controls on Asset Freeze lists, Seyna will alert you if one of your prospects or insured individuals is considered a Politically Exposed Person! Like the rest of the Seyna AML solution, this new feature is available via API or directly through our platform. Once your monitoring is in place, your checks can be carried out from the subscription and throughout the life of the contract!

Visualize the entire lifecycle of a policy at a glance

Our Seyna Policy Management solution is also evolving, always driven by the same goal: to make your managers as efficient as possible on a daily basis! To achieve this, we have added a new view that provides full visibility into the lifecycle of a contract. Already considered essential by our users, this new tab documents all management actions of a contract: initial subscription, withdrawal, termination, and more.

Easily duplicate a business opportunity

Your sales team will also gain efficiency this month! Now, you can easily duplicate a business opportunity in our tool, make your modifications, and send your new offer, all in just a few seconds!

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