Product Updates

Product updates - October 2022

In October, we delivered new solutions and features for insurance brokers. See how you can use Seyna Claims to create claims forms for your client, know more about our Seyna Sell API and have a first look to Seyna Policy Management.

Product updates - October 2022

Claims: create your claims form

Seyna Claims helps you to provide a better customer experience when everything is going wrong for your clients. And to give you maximum control over this experience, we are now providing you with a brand new tool that allows you to create your own form in just a few clicks.

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Sell: Control your customer experience

With our new Seyna Sell API, offer a complete subscription experience to your prospects, while delegating the substantive work to Seyna. Now, with our API, it is very easy to access data related to your prospect, your quotes and your policies. Focus your efforts on the experience you offer your prospects and increase your conversion rates.

Read our API doc

Policy Management: Optimized subscription and policy management

At the heart of Seyna is our solution dedicated to the management of your policyholders' policies: Seyna Policy Management. By switching to Seyna, you automatically benefit from a complete and intuitive space dedicated to the management of your contracts. Access to specific policies or simple visualization of all policies, Seyna Policy Management allows you to have a clear view of all activity related to your policyholders.

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Check-up: Control your customer experience

A little good news about for our Check-up users: before sending a document to your insurance partner, you can now consult a standard example of the expected document, so you can better meet your partner's expectations.

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