Responding to the health insurance crisis

Find out how the UNMI Group and Seyna are revolutionizing the health insurance market by offering brokers concrete risk placement solutions

patrick ratta loredena maier unmi

The partner

UNMI is a rather original insurance mutualist group, since it comprises both a union of mutuals and a Livre II mutual, which was recently created in 2019. 

What sets UNMI apart is its expertise. On the one hand, expertise in both health and provident insurance. The UNMI Group has several profiles, since it insures both individuals and companies.

The UNMI Group and Seyna met in April 2022. Very quickly, the two entities had opportunities for interaction and joint programs. Since then, five major programs have been launched on behalf of leading wholesale brokers in the market.

Our challenges

There's a lot at stake for the UNMI Group as a mutual insurer. We all know that these are delicate times. One of the main challenges for the UNMI Group is to control its data in order to offer its members products that really meet their needs.

The healthcare market has been under pressure for several years now. This is the result of various regulations, notably the ANI health law. In other words, the generalization of supplementary health insurance for employees. We could mention 100% health insurance, or intra-annual termination, which ultimately undermine the very principle of risk pooling. This is a market that must change, that must evolve.

To sum up, achieving technical equilibrium is really the major challenge for the UNMI Group between now and 2026.

Seyna is a real differentiator in today's insurance world. We're dealing with a human-scale structure that moves fast, with dynamic and committed employees. We have a real mastery of data and, above all, it's this capacity, this propensity to launch large-scale programs in very short timescales that defy all competition.

Patrick Ratta

Business Development Director

Our solution

The collaboration between Seyna and the UNMI Group can be broken down into three main stages: 

  1. The first step is for Seyna to draw up specifications with the broker. 
  2. The second step is for Seyna to present the project to the insurer, who comes to analyze, challenge the program and give a Go-No-Go. 
  3. The third stage, of course, consists of managing the program, analyzing, monitoring and, if necessary, correcting.

The initial results are particularly encouraging, and today the programs are in line with business plans. In terms of premiums and business volumes. What remains to be worked on and consolidated are the technical balances. We know that we're operating in a particularly tense economic and insurance context.

Results achieved

The impact is obviously already substantial in terms of contributions, and also in terms of results. Seyna and the UNMI Group are committed to the long term, and are convinced that this business model is destined to be sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders.