Product Updates

Product updates - February 2024

Learn about the developments that took place in February on our platform!

Product updates - February 2024

Multi-signature during subscription

Our new multi-signature feature allows multiple parties to electronically sign documents, either simultaneously or asynchronously. This enables you to offer insurance products that require multiple validations without any hassle for you or your clients. Additionally, this feature allows you to track the progress of signatures and send reminders to signatories if needed!

Get your amendments signed easily

With Seyna, you have the ability to have endorsements signed by your clients very simply. From the Seyna platform, you can now adjust contract details and provide your clients with a link to validate the endorsement. They will arrive directly at the validation step and can finalize the process smoothly.

Boost your lead generation

With Seyna platform and its Seyna Sell module, turn the subscription process into a powerful tool for acquiring new customers. Now, you can capture prospect information from the very first interactions, making follow-ups easier and maximizing your acquisition opportunities!

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