Product Updates

Product updates - January 2024

Learn about the developments that took place in January on our platform!

Product updates - January 2024

Simplified management of your contract

Seyna introduces an innovative view for more effectively managing your policies. This view enables brokers to clearly visualize data related to both the initial subscription and specific actions (such as renewal, termination, etc.). Whether it's understanding contract duration details, premiums, or commissions, this new view allows for easy navigation within a contract and its endorsements. Brokers can thus provide a more responsive and accurate service to policyholders!

Customized payment schedules

Whether it's a one-time payment, monthly, monthly calendar, annual, or annual calendar payment, the Seyna platform introduces a comprehensive range of installment types, catering to all the specific needs of your policyholders. With this new feature, you provide your policyholder with customized payment schedules that match their situation, starting from their subscription, thus increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Lower your costs with SaaS

In our latest guide, discover how the SaaS model can immediately reduce your operational costs. SaaS is the chosen model by Seyna to provide insurance brokers with a more optimized resource management and a significant increase in their margins. With this guide, uncover practical tips to streamline your operations and boost your profitability starting today!

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