Product Updates

Product updates - March 2024

Learn about the developments that took place in March on our platform!

Product updates - March 2024

New feature: switch your subscription journeys to private mode

On request, we now offer a method to secure access to your subscription journeys through a login and password system! This authentication ensures that your journeys are only accessible to your collaborators, protecting them from any public exposure.

Centralization of your insurance products

Until now, our interface was organized by insurance product (one page per product), limiting the overall view for brokers managing multiple products with Seyna. Now, from a single interface, our users can access all of their insurance products. This evolution provides an instant overview of their activities, allowing them to save valuable time in managing multiple programs! And for those who prefer to focus on a specific product, filtering by insurance products is still available.

Optimize authorization management within your organization

In our latest developments, we have refined the authorization management within Seyna. Now, you have granular control that allows you to assign each team member the appropriate level of access.

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