Product Updates

Product updates - November 2023

Learn about the developments that took place in November on our platform!

Product updates - November 2023

Seyna Policy Management: Simplify your payments and refund

Seyna Policy Management is evolving to meet your needs. Our new feature allows you to initiate payments manually in just a few clicks. Whether it's for collecting premiums or refunding a past transaction, you now have total control over your accounting and customer satisfaction! In real time, you can view the policy balance, thus simplifying the management of each contract.

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Seyna Sell: Total flexibility in pricing brokerage fees

With Seyna, you now have the freedom to adjust your brokerage fees when subscribing a new insured. This flexibility allows you to make your offer more competitive, increasing your chances of converting prospects into clients! Additionally, adjusted brokerage fees can play a crucial role in the long-term retention of your customers.

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Seyna Sell: Manage your opportunities efficiently with the new Checklist

Seyna now offers a Checklist to precisely track the progress of your opportunities. This feature provides a clear view of the steps completed and those remaining to convert your prospects into clients, especially useful for opportunities that have been in your pipeline for several days.

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Seyna Sell: Gain precision with our new filtering functionality

Seyna now gives you the ability to filter your opportunities based on specific criteria, such as insurance product, creation date, or stage of progress. For example, you can target prospects to whom you have already presented a quote but who have not yet validated it. This feature allows you to reconnect with them, discuss their needs, and convince them to subscribe to your insurance contract!

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