The movement is underway...

Seyna has come a long way in transforming the insurance industry, alongside brokers.


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Led by a team of passionate Seynators...

Discover Seyna's daily life with Stephen, Joanne, and Jean.

Gathered around common values

Seyna's culture is built on unique values that are the foundation of our teams.

Be Bold, and Act Fast

Dream big, execute fast

Own it. Build it.

Problem? Make it yours. Find the solution.

Humble Experts

Always learn. Always listen.

Be Insanely Helpful

Exceed expectations. Make a habit of surprising.

Grow Together

Develop your skills and help Seyna grow.

Try it, Track it, Tweak it

Success is a method. Iterate, measure, adjust. Repeat.

Committed and innovative

Whether through CSR initiatives or within the French Tech ecosystem, Seyna is a committed player.

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