5 Natural Language Processing tools to boost your customer service

Rodolphe Strauss
April 12, 2023
5 Natural Language Processing tools to boost your customer service

Transforming textual or audio data into structured and intelligible information: that is the ambition of Natural Language Processing (NLP), one of the leading AI-based technologies. NLP not only captures all the data – particularly data contained in documents or emails and exchanged during telephone calls – but also adds a layer of analysis close to human feelings. Using this type of technology allows you to determine whether data is more positive, negative or neutral. So here is a selection of five NLP tools:

  • MindTitan and Datasaur use NLP to transform your phone call management
    These apps remove the need to take notes and transcribe calls – the AI takes care of everything. The information provided by your clients during calls is analysed, processed and then automatically added to their record.
    Discover these solutions here and here
  • ChatGPT uses NLP combined with chatbot technologies to achieve a very realistic level of dialogue with your clients.
    The ChatGPT solution is based on the GPT-3 predictive model, capable of translating conversations into different languages, analysing unstructured data and transforming language elements into advanced databases.
    Discover the tool here
  • Welcomebot is a solution dedicated to the insurance sector. It promises to use NLP to rapidly analyse the content of a client request and respond to it in the most appropriate way possible.
    The solution directs each conversation to the right internal contact, in an automated way.
    Discover the tool here
  • Watson Assistant is a virtual agent designed by IBM. This solution enables you to identify your clients’ emotions, areas of frustration and concerns during the claims management process.
    The app understands all forms of written language.
    Discover the tool here

NLP is a powerful process for simplifying the collection of your policyholders’ information while providing a more detailed analysis of their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. A precious asset when it comes to handling claims...

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