Johan Aradan joins Seyna as Product Director

Rodolphe Strauss
May 24, 2023
Johan Aradan joins Seyna as Product Director

Seyna strengthens its leadership team to sustain its growth and the development of its technological platform for insurance brokers, by appointing Johan Aradan as Product Director.

Johan is known to be an entrepreneur at heart, with over ten years of experience in designing technological products for startups or his own companies.

Johan led Product Management at Malt, the first freelance marketplace in Europe. Doing so, he handled the growth of a team of 5 developers to a complete R&D team of 100 talents.

By designing a leading product in its market, Johan decisively contributed to the growth and internationalization of Malt, which now counts over 500 employees and a total of 170 million euros raised.

Building on this experience, Johan launched his own startup, Matcha, to help companies detect and convert opportunities within their customer base.

His approach:

  • "Business, first": developing a culture of "customer thinking" within his teams to quickly validate the product market fit.
  • Pragmatic: multiplying iterations to validate assumptions and make quick decisions.

We are very happy to welcome him to our team. Welcome Johan!

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