Seyna Launches the Reinsurer App

Rodolphe Strauss
June 22, 2021
Seyna Launches the Reinsurer App

Seyna is building the insurance platform enabling your business’ growth. To make that happen, Seyna is the risk carrier empowering our broker partners’ competitiveness, with unmatched reactivity. And to sustain our broker partners’ growth, Seyna builds the tools needed to distribute and manage an insurance portfolio.

Seyna announces today the launch of its Reinsurer App.  Discover this new product and its purpose explained by Stephen Leguillon, Seyna's CEO (in french) :

The App is open to all reinsurers in the market. It will enable you to: 

- “Export”: Download data files of your running portfolios, with row-level detail and in real-time ! Get constant access to contracts, claims and settlement data, for easier access to key information and higher transparency. We give you access to the exact same data Seyna has

- “Analytics”: Use Seyna’s own data analysis firepower, directly in Reinsurer App! Track your programs’ performance in real-time (premium and claims levels, profitability, etc.). Seyna helps you build your portfolio monitoring, accessible anytime

- Documents: Safely share and download documents related to your portfolios (project specs, data files, monthly invoices, etc.) - for safer document exchanges, sorting, and record tracking. And sparing your email inbox

- “Opportunities”: the reinsurance marketplace! Find the deails of portfolios looking for reinsurance. Screen the case, all the information is at hand. Seize the deal or reject it, directly in-app - for a stronger deal flow and easier proposal making

- “Submit a Deal”: Submit to Seyna a new portfolio you are analyzing, where you are looking for a fronting partner. Seyna will get back to you in record times - for shorter response cycles

We want to build Seyna with you and for you! All reinsurers in the market can use this App. If you want to dig further, book a demo meeting with Olivier, our product manager, and give us your feedback!

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