Launch of the Broker App by Seyna

Rodolphe Strauss
July 20, 2021
Launch of the Broker App by Seyna

20th July, 2021

Seyna’s mission is to build the insurance platform enabling your business’ growth.
To make that happen, Seyna is the only risk carrier focused on empowering its broker partners’ competitiveness, with market-defining speed and reactivity. And to sustain a broker’s growth, Seyna offers the tools needed to distribute and manage an insurance portfolio. 

A big milestone for Seyna today : the launch of the Broker App.

The Broker App is open to all brokers in the market: 

- “Analytics”: Use Seyna’s data analysis power, made available to you in the broker app. Track your portfolio’s performance in real-time (premium and claims levels, profitability, etc.)

- “Data Slips”: Seyna develops tech to make a broker’s life easier. Just export your data from your database, and drop it in the Seyna App. We take care of the rest. The days of endless developments to adapt to your broker data model to a risk carrier’s model are over - Seyna does the heavy lifting

- “Export”: Download your data in .csv format, with row-level details (!), in real-time (!), of your portfolios (contracts, claims, receipts). This helps you validate Seyna’s analysis of your portfolio and reporting, and creates transparency

- “New Portfolio”: Submit to Seyna a new opportunity you are analysing, where you are looking for a carrier. Or an existing portfolio you’d like to transfer to Seyna. We will answer in record times

- “Documents”: Securely find all documents related to your portfolios (project specs, data files, monthly invoices, etc.)

We build Seyna with you and for you! All brokers in the market can use this App.

If you want to dig further, book a demo meeting with us, and give us your feedback!

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