Launch of the Pet Insurance Simulator by Seyna

Rodolphe Strauss
September 21, 2021
Launch of the Pet Insurance Simulator by Seyna

Seyna's mission is to build the tools brokers need to protect us. How? By leveraging best-in class technology to help them manage their portfolio, maximize their profitability and… conquer new horizons. 

This is why Seyna developed the Pet Insurance Simulator.

Accessible to all, the simulator was designed to enable brokers to configure their product, instantly generate tariffs and refine their business plan.

Seyna wants to bring brokers all the tools they need to explore new opportunities and develop their business.

Soon to be replicated across
our 5 verticals, the simulator is the first brick of a series of tools that Seyna will make available to all.
Insurance enables progress. Our goal is to make it accessible to all.

To set up your custom product, use our
free Pet Insurance product simulator!

Seyna is hiring

Seyna’s vision is bold - we are building the infrastructure enabling any company to create, sell and manage insurance. Join us!

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