Launch of the phone breakage and theft insurance simulator by Seyna

16th December, 2021

Insurance should enable world progress. Whether it is to foresee a risk of cancellation of your upcoming Ed Sheeran concert or to protect your newly-bought phone, insurance should allow you to take the leap you didn't dare to take.  

Our mission at Seyna is to build the tools brokers need to bring these protections to all.

Seyna publishes today its phone breakage and theft insurance simulator, 100% open to all brokers of the market. Whether you want to develop your activity or bring new solutions to existing customers, instantly set up your product and build your business plan, in full autonomy.

Accidental breakage or all cause, oxidation or not, number of claims per year... Set up your product as you see fit and get a price instantaneously. 

You see an opportunity? Let's talk!

To set up your own breakage and theft insurance product, click here !