Launch of the Reinsurer Marketplace by Seyna

Rodolphe Strauss
August 31, 2021
Launch of the Reinsurer Marketplace by Seyna

Seyna is an insurance platform. We build tools that save time and generate business for brokers and reinsurers. 

Following the Reinsurer App in June, we're announcing today the launch of the Reinsurer Marketplace. 

Accessible directly from the Reinsurer App, the marketplace gives reinsurers access to a pool of projects looking for reinsurance.

All information about the portfolio opportunity is made available via a project profile where all documents can be downloaded. The marketplace highlights RFP deadlines and lets you get in touch with Seyna's team directly to discuss the opportunity. 

Finally, a reinsurer gets access to a central record of all former deals - whether they underwrote them or not ! 

In a nutshell, more business for reinsurers, but also more insights about the market and its trends. And it’s only the beginning.

The Reinsurer Marketplace could become a business line in itself. Other risk carriers and reinsurance brokers have asked us to use the marketplace to manage their own reinsurance search. We will stick to our roadmap for the time being but we bear your interest in mind. It’s a very promising lead for the future.

Seyna is already working on new features such as an in-built conversation tool between Seyna and reinsurers or the e-signature. Our objective: Bring more liquidity to the reinsurance market.

If you wish to access the Reinsurer Marketplace, drop us an e-mail :

Stay tuned for upcoming features!

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