Launch of the Travel Cancellation Insurance Simulator by Seyna

5th November, 2021

After the Pet Insurance pricing simulator, Seyna publishes today its Travel Cancellation simulator, 100% available to the market. 

Why release a pricing engine publicly? We are convinced that insurance enables the world to progress, with peace of mind. Seyna therefore wishes to provide the best insurance products to all, as fast as possible. By providing pricing simulators to brokers, who are the closest to the end-client, we enable them in their daily task of covering the world’s risk. Without needing manual information from the Seyna team, a broker can simulate an insurance product and build their go-to-market plan to better protect their clients.  

The Travel Cancellation Simulator is open to all brokers in the market. It is here to help you identify new opportunities, develop your business and bring new solutions to your clients. 

Classic or all-cause cancellation, deductible level, insured amounts, with or without receipts... Set up your product as you see fit and get an instant quote. 

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